UFC 249: Khabib vs Ferguson Preview and Predictions

Every Fighting Championship fans should be eager to watch this upcoming UFC 249: Khabib vs Ferguson. This match is one of the long-awaited matches that had been postponed because of several reasons. Truthfully, so many fans have been waiting for this fight card to set and finally, the day is coming. The fight will take place this upcoming April 28 at Brooklyn.

Khabib vs Ferguson

You could prepare for the match day at Barclays Center because unlike the other venues, there is a slight difference if you want to go to this place. No matter how you want to witness the match, you could still feel the excitement and joy when the time finally comes. But what makes this fight interesting? What could happen in the match?

We all knew that Khabib Nurmagomedov had excellent fights with his competitors, Connor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. The two challengers are not easy fighters at all; both of them have wonderful match history and not an opponent any professional fighters could take easy on. Khabib himself has the option to take on the double champ title by moving to welterweight. Quite some number of fans suggested him to do so, but it seems that Khabib hasn’t taken a step towards that goal yet.

Meanwhile, the rivalry between the current champion, Nurmagomedov and his challenger, Ferguson, dates back more than five years ago. Some people said that this is one of the most unfortunate arrangements in UFC. Seeing from the history of the bout, the fight was planned and arranged well. However, there were always reasons for either side to forcefully withdraw before the fight started. As for this fight, cancellation is also on the prediction, but most of the fans hope that it would have turned out differently this time.

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If the fight is bound to happen, it would be an exciting one. Khabib is famous for his wrestling and grounding skills. He could easily ground his challengers onto the canvas almost easily. He also has pretty decent striking attacks which helps a lot in diverging his opponents’ focus so he could ground them. On the other hand, Tony Ferguson is a ferocious striker. Looking at his past matches, he has beaten a number of his opponents to a pulp. Other than his power grappling which could ground his opponents for the follow up mounting stance. Whichever one of them will come out as the winner, the fight itself would be quite dramatic and exciting since the two of them has pretty different styles.

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