They Said Khabib Has Recently Been Less Confident – Is That True?

Some experts and some meticulous sports fans have been speculating that Khabib has been less confident in these past nine weeks. Well, of course, it is not good news for his avid fans because the upcoming UFC 249 is getting near. Khabib is set to take on Tony Ferguson in UFC 249.


Of course, this speculation comes up with a sensible reason. He was complaining about a few problems weeks before UFC 249 happened. Most of the critiques have seen this as a flaw spot which Tony Ferguson can use.

As we know, on April 19, Khabib Nurmagomedov will be in the octagon with Tony Ferguson to trade fists. It is one of the most awaited UFC events this year. And you won’t want to miss it if you are a fan of Khabib or tony.

People have waited for this moment for a good reason. The winner of this event will have the chance to get to Conor McGregor. Khabib who had refused to take on McGregor because of some reasons, could be facing the Irishman again if he wins against Tony Ferguson. On the contrary, Tony Ferguson will use this opportunity to go ahead to challenge Connor McGregor from his part.

Khabib has not been on good terms with McGregor after what happened back then in UFC 229.

Because of that unforgettable incident, McGregor has been asking for the rematch. However, the Russian fighter has not responded with the rematch answer. On the contrary, Khabib just doesn’t want to take it seriously. He has won and paid respect to his country and religion, and that’s enough for him.

If the price and agreement are right, there’s a possibility that Khabib could meet with McGregor again. But Khabib does not want to do it half-heartedly.

While UFC 249 is approaching, Khabib seems to only want to focus on the preparation to take on Tony Ferguson. Many UFC experts also agree that Khabib has been less confident in the most recent weeks.

But don’t mistake it with other terms, folks. He is less confident because he is motivated to give the best.

Back then, he shared his thoughts with his social media followers about his preparation and training prior to UFC 249. His trainer and coach confirmed that he was in good condition. But for himself, he needed to do more.

If you’ve read his post on Twitter, you’ll know that Khabib is less confident in a good way. That means he would give his best to win this fight.

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