Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Odds, Tickets and Where to watch UFC 249

Whether you are a big fan of Ferguson or Khabib, you will surely crave for important information about the bout like the odds, tickets, and where to watch. Well, you have come to the right place. Here are the things you need to know about the UFC 249.

Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Odds

Khabib Nurmagomedov has -250 favorite over Tony Ferguson. But it is still a month away until the moment of truth happens. People are still speculating. Not to mention that the experts can also contribute to the changes of the favorite.

I believe that most of us know about the third is the charm. But this was not working for the bout that involves Khabib and Ferguson. The organizer has canceled the fight four times already. The previous three plans failed for various reasons. From 2015 to 2018, folks had been waiting for the good news but none came.

If you have been following the news between the two, you surely know what happened. Organizer cancelled the bout many times before. Now they have put the agreement of the bout for the fifth time. Well, we hope that this will be the one that goes to the end.

Ferguson signed his participation back on Friday. And it seems that the thing goes as smoothly as expected. Nurmagomedov’s belt will be on the line when the boat finally happens in a month.

How to Get Khabib vs Ferguson Tickets

If you want to go there and root for your favorite fighter who will be on the octagon, there is no reason to back down now because the tickets are available. In AXS, for instance, the official partner of UFC has listed the prices of the tickets. They are $2,505, $2,005, $1,505, $1,005, $755, $555, $405, $355, $305, $255, and $205. These prices are not including fees. There’s a chance for reselling the tickets. Folks who decide at the last minute could possibly get the tickets but you must be ready for the increased price. Each customer can purchase the tickets but no more than eight tickets. If you are planning to go with your large group, consider assigning some Person in charge.

Where to watch Ferguson vs Khabib Live Online

UFC 249 is the PPV event. So, you just need to purchase the PPV from the ESPN+. If your area does not come with the ESPN+ option, you could use the VPN to connect to the US server and unblock the geo-restriction. PPV price has been increasing to $64. It is pretty a good deal since it is one of the most awaited MMA events this year.

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